Lucid 8

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Lucid 8 entered the Salt Lake City music scene in March of 2010. After a few line up changes the band now has 5 like-minded musicians all working together toward the same end result: good old-fashioned rock n' roll. 

Our goal is to write, record, and perform our music for anybody who will listen to our unique perspective. We write music that can be categorized in all genres. We also want our music to allow the listener to experience something, to feel something. If we can do that, then we've accomplished our goal! Recently signed with Midnight Records, Lucid 8's second album "American Eyesore" is now available. Pick up your copy today at, at any Lucid 8 show, or on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and Rhapsody. 

And don't forget to join the Idle Revolution on May 6th by picking up your own copy of our new album!


Get the Lucid 8 self-titled EP or the American Eyesore album now!

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The Rain
Lucid 8 (American Eyesore)
Blind World
Lucid 8 (American Eyesore)

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